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GCR is a values-based consulting engineering and technology company.  We are proud of our ability to create and deliver better solution to our clients.  GCR have served most manufacturers by providing valuable diagnoses and with unique ideas on their products and services by recommending design improvements.

GCR's Top five major role with manufacturers:
1. GCR assist to drive operational effectiveness of product performance by identifying
    problematic areas within the process and offering descriptive solutions and
    workarounds that manufacturers implement on their own.

2. GCR is consultative in approach and bring neutral perspective to the analysis.

3. GCR provides customized, real time, technology solutions to complex manufacturing

4. GCR systems improve the quality of the production process by making it more
    efficient and responsive to changing manufacturer's needs.

5. GCR systems are utilized by industry seeking low-cost, flexible programs that are
    easily adaptable to a large variety of systems.


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