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More than ever customers today select and keep suppliers based on a best value analysis that encompasses not just quality vs. specification metrics, but price, on time delivery, technical performance and customer responsiveness.

As a reliable authorized service center, GCR have served end-user customers with professionalism and with timely repairs.  Long-term relationships with many different manufacturers demonstrates GCR's reputation for our reliability and the quality of our services. 

At GCR Corp, we are committed to providing our customers this "best value & quality" package.  Testimony to this quality perspective is our long standing customer relationships, many awards and constant offering of new opportunities.


With over 25 years of experience in servicing consumer and commercial electronics, GCR has accumulated vast and valuable knowledge in a wide range of products.  Our highly skilled technicians keep up with the latest trends in technology through continual training and education.  With our highly skilled technicians of GCR take pride in the small rate of defective products.

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