Why GCR?
GCR Corporation has expanded its service lines to keep step with the latest trends in technology.  We have serviced over 30 global manufacturers including Goldstar, JVC, LG, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Zenith, and many more.  GCR is a major player in the refurbishing industry and an innovator in engineering consulting, return logistical services and warehouse management. GCR is a values-based consulting engineering and technology company.  We are proud of our ability to create and deliver better solution to our clients. GCR have served most manufacturers by providing valuable diagnoses and with unique ideas on their products and services by recommending design improvements .

Most manufacturers are set up for the sale and distribution of their products, but un-prepared to deal with the financial impact of the return process.  GCR's 400,000 sq ft. warehouse space provides ample space for storage.  Warehouse operates at peak efficiency and with over 25 years of experiences in reverse logistics and in the refurbishment industry, GCR possesses the expertise to lessen the financial burden of the return process. GCR's expertise spans from providing Third Party Factory Services for major brand & non-brand manufacturers to that of a full service refurbishment company.  For many years, manufacturers have also relied on the know-how and the recommendations of our technicians to improve existing models and to fix defects and to design new products.

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